MagVision Kerr Imaging System | Vertisis Technology | Singapore

Domains on a 1 nm CoFeB thin film with in-plane magnetic anisotropy.

4 shades of grey: Multilevel

stripe domains on a

perpendicularly magnetized

magnetic tunnel junction stack

Chiral stripes (and skyrmions)

on a [Pt/Co/Fe/Ir]x2 stack

Domain reversal in a

perpendicularly magnetized

Heusler alloy thin film

Measurement of the hysteresis loop and domain imaging at the same time.

Apply a combination of magnetic fields and electric currents simultaneously! The stripes were first reduced to skyrmion bubbles by applying a magnetic field and then driven rightwards with our integrated electric current control module.

Near real-time observation of current-induced domain motion. A worthy choice for a screensaver!

Real time animation of the demagnetization process in CoFeB multilayers.