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Vertisis Technology Pte Ltd is a joint venture between Nanyang Technological University (NTU) , through NTUitive – NTU’s innovation & Enterprise Company and APP Systems Services Pte Ltd in Singapore , with the aim to commercialize cutting-edge technology since 2017.

Vertisis has successfully productized the microscopy system that characterizes magnetic devices and its critical effect on final product yield. The core technology stems from NTU Physics Laboratory’s discovery on a novel technique of Faraday Effect Reduction on the objective lens to better establish Kerr imaging in a magnetic domain process.

This newly developed magnetic microscopy technology, with unique systems, components and proprietary software, has vast application in spintronics and semiconductor-related industries. Since its launch, many systems have been successfully installed at world renowned universities and research institutions, both in Singapore and throughout the Asia Pacific region with excellent results.

The company remains at the forefront of technology by continuously innovating to meet the functional demand of our target markets globally. We will be passionate, forward-looking, to understand and deliver solutions to meet your technological innovation needs.


MagVision Kerr
Imaging System

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