Cryogenic Module Option | Vertisis Technology | Singapore

Cryogenic Module Option

Extremely compact

Thinness of only 7 mm at sample stage

Applies various magnetic fields to sample

Compatible with existing standard out-of-plane (OOP) electromagnet

Compatible with quadrupole in-plane-out-of-plane (IP-OOP) electromagnet

Simultaneous application of magnetic fields in TWO AXES with quadrupole magnet

Cryostat Setup with a Quadrupole Magnet
Cryostat Sample Holder


  • Temperature range: 90 – 330K
  • Image resolution: 0.7 μm (based on 20X objective)
  • Open cycle operation
  • Temperature stability: +/- 1K
  • Vacuum level 5e-3mbar


  • LN2 dewar tank (2 liter)
  • Roughing vacuum pump
  • Temperature controller
  • Cryogenic sample holder
  • Software interface
Cryostat Block Diagram
Cryostat Software indicating at 90K